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Life with Bo

Life with Bo

Perspective is everything! Who knew the power of changing our perspective? Thanks to my son, Bo, I am learning. For that I am eternally grateful.

Bo is my son. He also happens to have cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and is hearing impaired. None of that bothers him. In fact, few things in life really bother him. One morning we pulled in the parking place right in front of the Piggly Wiggly. If I hadn’t stopped the car, we would have crashed directly into a pair of colorful and tempting coke machines. I didn’t even notice them. Bo did. He begged and begged for a coke. Bo loves coke. My parents give Bo coke every time he goes to their house. Coke is a huge treat for Bo. I told him if he was good in the store, I’d get him a coke on the way out. Well…he was. So… I did.

We dug change out of the bottom of my purse, and I dropped it in the tiny slot. I instructed Bo to push the button of whatever he wanted to drink. He was so excited. His excitement was a little contagious. What happened next was something I will never forget.

He hit the big red button with the refreshing picture of an ice-cold can of coco-cola. We heard the can release and fall to the tray. Bo went nuts! He started jumping up and down. He threw his hands in the air and starting shouting,

“I won!”

“Mom, we won!”

“We won a coke!”

“I can’t believe we won!”

“This is the best day ever!”

Everything in me shifted. It was no longer about the drag of grocery shopping. It was no longer just a bribe to get him to behave. It wasn’t just being thirsty and wanting a cold drink. He won! He was having the best day ever. Who knew?

I want to be more like Bo. I want to experience joy and share joy, even in the monotony of just getting something to drink.

Perspective: the way you see something. Mine is forever changed. Thanks Bo!

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